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Effectiveworkof the Universityacademic services, educational process quality provision in whole is the priority task of the first pro-rector’s work. Bauyrzhan Kumargaliyevich Nurakhmetov, Doctor of Engineering, professor, hasheldthispostsince 2013. HisfunctionaldutiesincludegeneralmattersonworkcoordinationconcerningtheUniversitymainactivitiespro-rectors, who are responsible for the supervision of the proper University activities and teaching and scientific structural subdivision.The University first pro-rector is competent and responsible for the organization of work of the University administration, the Scientific board, the scientific and methodological council and the University Admission board. He also supervises directly the Department of information technologies and the University registration office.
Department of information technologies. This Department was established as an independent subdivision in 2009 by means of reorganization of the department of information technologies and international affairs. ThenewDepartmentwassuppliedbycompetentspecialistsandequipped with the up-to-date informational and communicative equipment.The Department of information technologies staff includes 15 persons and consists of four departments: 1). Support and training department, headed by AmanzholKumarov; 2). Technical service department, headed by Talgat Rustemov; 3). Video surveillance department, headed by Maxim Chernyshov; 4) Teaching process Informatization department (since November 2016), headed by Murat Sadykov.GulmiraAkashkyzy headed this department until November 2016. At present the Department of information technologies is headed by NurmakhanAuesbekuly, GulmiraAkashkyzysubstitutes him. 
Theactivityconcerningtheteachingprocess informational provision is carried out according to the plans and stated dates. The department regularly improves the “Platonus” AIS, which is used for teaching process management. The following projects were worked out and approved by ATU administration; works on their implementation have been already started:
“SKUD” strategic project was realized in October 2015. “SKUD” application allowed the possibility of safety matter solving and the possibility of the personnel labor discipline controlling, as well as the students’ attendance controlling;
“ATU site” investment project. The project realization is focused on the developing of informational and educational environment as the model of “e-university”.
In the frames of the integrated informational and educational environment, it was planned to develop the integrated information system by means of all business processes automation.In2015-2016, thefollowingworkswerecarriedout, concerningthedevelopmentof: teachingprocessmanagementautomation, corporatesystemofelectronicdocuments circulation, www.atu.kz information portal, ATU corporate portal, management of financial, scientific and research innovative, and educational activities of the University, as well as the systems of the administrative management of the publication activity and program solution.
InformationalandprogramsupportoftheElectronicdocumentscirculationsystem, administrationandadaptationofsystemforthetasksofinternaldocumentscirculation are carried out, namely, new documents samples are improved and worked out additionally; new working processes are defined concerning the proper documents samples, their routes are approved. TheDepartmentworkedout “Archive” moduleinthe Electronicdocumentscirculationsystem“DOCUMENTOLOG”, additional samples and internal documents circulation routes were improved and worked out. 
ATUcorporateportalallowsthecreationoftheplatformforjointworkofallthepersonnel, workingprocessesmanagementimprovement, organizationof the documentsdepository of the University structural subdivisions, as well as projects management carrying out, the improvement of the personnel communicative environment. Accesstothecorporateresourcesis organized in accordance with the authority of each member of the personnel and according to the instruction on WEB-access usage. TheUniversityhas 15 serversconnectionand 7 switchboards, producedby“Cisco”, which have a high level of technical opportunities in the fields of management and systematization.
Significant changes in the work of the Department occurred in the period after 2010. Network modernization was carried outstep-by-step. The speed of fiber-optic data transmission was increased up to 10 Gb / s.The University's computer network has a length of about 35 km of fiber optic cable and 5 m of copper information cable. This network provides information exchange between faculties, other structural divisions and students’ dormitories. .
In the local network of the university, organized on the "star" type architecturewith centralized management, 28 information lines were installed. The general university network is constantly being modernized and expanded, and its maintenance is constantly under way.In the development of a wireless data network on the territory of the University, 28 points of a wireless Wi-Fi network were installed, which allows students (from 05.03.2016) to use the Internet services without hindrance and around the clock.Wi-Fi covering area from the total number of academic areas of the university is 75%.
There are 59 cameras in the centralized system of video surveillance designed to ensure the safety of the University's property, maintenance of labor and educational discipline, order and purity within the teaching buildings: the administrative building (46 internal, 13 external), dormitory No. 1 (3 external, 4 internal), dormitory No 2 (1 external, 1 internal), dormitory No 3 (2external 5internal), dormitory No4 (2 external, 4 internal), buildingNo3 (10 external, 6 internal); FEC - 15 cameras.
Office-registrator.In 2004, in connection with the transition of the university to the European credit technology of education, the Registration Department was established as part of the Teaching and Methodological Department, which registers the entire history of educational achievements of students and ensures the organization of all types of knowledge control and the calculation of the internal academic rating.
In 2011, in order to improve the educational and organizational activities and optimize the structure of the University, the Office registrator (OR) was established, which included the previously operating "Registration Department , "Testing Department" and "Professional Practice and Career Sector".
In 2008, the University transferred to the automated management system of learning "e-LearningServer". Electronic Educational and Methodological Complexes of Disciplines (EMCD) were gradually developed and implemented in all degree programsof the University. 
Currently, there are more than 2000 complexes in Kazakh and Russian languages. Since 2013, the entire contingent of students, including the day-time department students and distance learning technology students transferring can be traced by means of the Automated Information System (AIS) "Platonus".
The mission of the University Office registrator is to provide statistical support for the organization and management of the educational process in terms of the credit technology of teaching, monitoring the quality of students' knowledge by the testing method, and also in registering the transferring of the student contingent and preparing statistical reports on the transferringof the student contingent, the organization of professional practice and the employment of the University graduates.
Registration department
The staff of the Office Registrator consists of 12 memebers who work to organize and conduct an external evaluation of educational achievements, to reveal the level of mastering by the graduates of the full-time form of teaching disciplines provided for by state compulsory education standards.
The Office Registrator annually prepares applications for the expected release in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for obtaining forms of documents on higher education according to the state sample. The OR also conducts work on filling out and officially diplomas awarding and applications in 3 languages to University graduates, accepting applications, processing and issuing duplicate diplomas in return for lost ones.
Testing Center
       The Office Registrator includes three structures:
     1) - The testing center carries out works on:
- organization and conducting of examinations by computer testing
- the provision of reporting on the results of examinations, taken by computer testing,
- drawing up of acts on breaks of examinations and cancellation of computer examination,
- Conducting computer exams for students on individual schedules,
-printing and processing of appeal sheets of students on the examinations results
2) - The student archive performs the following functions:
-the study of the personal files of the students and the addition of their information (extracts from the order for transfer from the course to the course, on leaving for another university for academic mobility, for the expulsion and release of the student, etc.)
-providing the safety of documents that are in the personnel Action File of students for the entire period of their education.
3) The registration department carries out work to ensure:
- Maintenance of software for the organization and conduct of attestation of knowledge of students,
-organization of exam sessions and the summer semester,
-timely gathering of materials necessary for carrying out intermediate certification (test tasks and their passports),
-organization and holding an additional semester for students in accordance with the academic calendar of the university (transferred, restored, having debts),
- the calculation of the students transferring in the whole university, as well as in faculties, courses, specialties, language departments, forms and levels of education,
- acceptance of applications from students for transfer, restoration and deduction, granting of academic leave and an exit from it, change of surnames,
- the timely preparation of orders for the movement of the contingent of students, the appointment of scholarships,
-Preparation of statistical data in the form of 3-NC,
- Review of individual appeals of students in disputed issues on the basis of the order of the pro-rector for academic work,
- the provision of information and reports on examinations conducted by the pro-rector for academic work.
The Media Center of the University was established in 2014 to develop and implement the information and communication policy of the University, in particular, the formation of the unified information space for the University and the creation of a positive image of ATU, as well as the organization of objective coverage of the implementation of the strategic plan for the development of ATU. The head of the Media Center is AbishevAskhatKalibasovich, an experienced organizer of the information business.
The tasks of the Media Center include:
- ensuring the ATU information presence in the mass media and informing the public about the University's activities, analyzing the materials of the national press about the University's activities;
- development and implementation of specific programs and projects aimed at forming and promoting the internal and external image of the University, including Internet communications means;
- Coordination of activities to maintain the corporate site, the preparation and publication of books about ATU, the release of the newspaper "The Technologist" (editor - AsydbekAbdrakhman); information presence in social networks;
 - organization of media coverage of events related to the educational, scientific and cultural activities of the University, promotion of the scientific and educational activities of the University in the country.
- coordination of activities of faculties and all University departments in public relations and mass media, regulation of internal and external information flows in the University;
- Assistance in holding an Admission company for attracting entrants through advertising activities in the mass media;
The functions of the Media Center include:
- a systematic analysis of the state of information work at the University and the development of measures and proposals to improve its effectiveness;
- promoting the image of the University as one of the leading higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the international market of educational services;
- organization of press conferences and briefings with representatives of the mass media to inform the public about the activities of the University;
- preparation of materials on topical issues of University life; organization of interviews with the rector, pro-rectors and heads of structural units for the mass media;
- Informing the public through the mass media about the training programs for specialists, structural changes in the University, innovative technologies in the educational activities of faculties through press releases, articles and in other forms;
- monitoring of publications in the mass media about the activities of the University, the activities of state bodies in the field of higher education and science;
- information content of the University's website (www.atu.kz);
- Coordination and systematic control over the information activity of student organizations in social networks;
- assistance in the implementation of innovative educational and scientific projects in the field of higher education.

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